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Conversation with a friend...

Tell me what you think

You tell Ignatius: "boy is that racist :p"
Ignatius tells you: "haha who me?"
You tell Ignatius: "no the glen behind you"
Ignatius tells you: "oh"
Ignatius tells you: "i was gonna say... im not racist"
Ignatius tells you: "i just hate niggers"
Ignatius tells you: "err whoops haha"
You tell Ignatius: "Why?"
Ignatius tells you: "uh oh"
Ignatius tells you: "theres the condescending tone lettering"
Ignatius tells you: "with the capital W and ?"
You tell Ignatius:
"Yes, you poor racist creature, I feel I must condesend to your hateful
level to chat with you about it"
Ignatius tells you: "huzzah"
Ignatius tells you:
"its best summed up in the slayer song guilty of being whit"

Ignatius tells you: "white"
You tell Ignatius:
"I see, so your mom wasn't raped by a black guy, you just brought the
hate upon yourself, took it upon yourself to hate"
Ignatius tells you:
"no i took the bus to school for four years in inner city chicago"
Ignatius tells you: "hell you live in st. louis"
You tell Ignatius:
"So, they hate white people, they are stupid and wrong too"
Ignatius tells you:
"who are you that your ideology is 'better' than mine"
Ignatius tells you: "are you intolerant of me being intolerant?"
You tell Ignatius:
"nope I could really care less I just wish everyone got along"
Ignatius tells you:
"heh a "noble" sentiment from another apologist"
You tell Ignatius: "'apologist' whats that mean anyway?"
Ignatius tells you: "its not too difficult a concept"
You tell Ignatius:
"I want htings to be fair, I could really care less if you hate the
'niggers' out there, the ignorant motherfuckers that hate white people.
but I wish you didn't hate 'black people' that care and are nice and
Ignatius tells you:
"do you realize there are LAWS in the united states that say that a
certain number of minorities MUST be employed at various things"
Ignatius tells you:
"so forget the college degree some white guy got slaving away taking
out loans workin two jobs. forget all that shit and his need to feed a
Ignatius tells you:
"no sorry cant have that job, i HAVE to hire a black"

Ignatius tells you: "by law"

Ignatius tells you: "im not racist per se"

Ignatius tells you:
"im morally outraged at the state of affairs in the united states"

You tell Ignatius: "Well you should hate the lawmakers then"
Ignatius tells you:
"where i am a target since i am a white heterosexual male"

You tell Ignatius:
"they make those laws so black people have a fair chance, why don't
they have a fair chance? because people like you that hate them"

Ignatius tells you:
"i have no respect for a black person who would take a job because they
were giving it out just because he was black"
Ignatius tells you: "thats not true"

Ignatius tells you:
"why did their ancestors and civil rights leaders and workers do all
they did"
Ignatius tells you: "sacrifice all they did"
Ignatius tells you:
"so their accomplishments could be CHEAPENED by "affirmative action"

Ignatius tells you:
"dont fool yourself my friend martin luther king would be disgusted"

Ignatius tells you:
"in fact by having those laws exist we as a society are saying "all men
are NOT created equally here""
You tell Ignatius:
"Oh I know he would, he wanted equality, and when people hate you will
never get that"

You tell Ignatius: "true"

Ignatius tells you:
"think about it, there has to be a LAW in place forcing people to give
job based on skin color, obviously we're saying as a society that
blacks are not equal to whites"
Ignatius tells you: "so now you know my mind on the subject"

You tell Ignatius:
"Yeah, I know, it's not right, but what good does hating the black
people do? Maybe you should hate the lawmakers, employers don't hire
equally because of so many people with your attitude"

Ignatius tells you:
"dont get me wrong, i'd fuck a black girl, no problem. but i will not
respect them as a people until something is changed"

Ignatius tells you:
"i dont hate black people, i dont respect them as a people, but i dont
hate them"
Ignatius tells you: "i hate NIGGERS"

Ignatius tells you: "plenty of white niggers out there"

Ignatius tells you: "ignorant people"
You tell Ignatius:
"I don't like Niggers too, niggers are the ignorant ones, but there are
white niggers too you know, what do you think about them?"
You tell Ignatius: "oh"
Ignatius tells you: "ding"
You tell Ignatius: "heh I don't look at the screen when I type :p"
Ignatius tells you: "hence you're a nigger"
Ignatius tells you: "haha"
Ignatius tells you: "how can i hate all black people anyway"
Ignatius tells you:
"where would i buy pot when all i had left was 20 bux for the week"
You tell Ignatius:
"Well you don't respect the black race because of decisions made by the
white race(mostly) thats rather ignorant in my opinion"

You tell Ignatius: "Laugh"
Ignatius tells you:
"ah but if we're all equal why isnt a mutual decision"
You tell Ignatius:
"most of the time it's the 'niggers' that sell hte pot though :p"
Ignatius tells you:
"i dont respect a man who doesnt pull himself up onto his feet after
he's beat down"
Ignatius tells you:
"i've lived in poverty in chicago, let me tell you there are alot of
ignorant black people in chicago, and thats not a racist talking when i
say that"
Ignatius tells you:
"im stating pure fact, they bus the black kids to skewls where books
are a scarcity, or gang violence is all over, its pathetic"
You tell Ignatius:
"I don't doubt that - but since when do poor black people actually
affect any laws?"
Ignatius tells you: "when do poor white people affect them?"

You tell Ignatius: "They don't either"

Ignatius tells you:
"i hate to burst your bubble but MOST blacks in the us are under the
poverty level line"
You tell Ignatius:
"Personally I believe the entire voting system is fake, theres no way
to prove it isn't"
You tell Ignatius:
"I've been to the city, I know this, and most of the ones I see are
making due with what they have, trying to find jobs, jobs denied to
them by racists employers"

Ignatius tells you:
"even if that were the case, im personally satisfied with this country
thus far. i have few complaints about the quality of life here, i work
my butt off and i have some things for myself that alot of other people
on earth will never get"
Ignatius tells you:
"a friend of my ex-step dad who is a foreman for a construction thing
in the city of chicago told me something funny once, he said sometimes
he'd like to tell it straight to the people that come to him for jobs"
Ignatius tells you:
"he said "i feel like sayin sarcastically "oh ya you're right im not
hiring you cuz your black...thats the whole reason, i mean forget the
fact that you have a 4th grade reading level and have felonies on your
record, oh no its cuz im a racist and you're black... give me a fucking
You tell Ignatius:
"Yeah, well when you live in poverty you don't get what a lot of white
people have - one of the reason some of them are looking for jobs is
most likley to put thier kids in school so they have what thier parents
Ignatius tells you:
"heh i have news for you my friend, a black kid from chicago has a
million more oppertunities than i ever EVER will have"
Ignatius tells you:
"a black kid in the u.s. can fucking go to college for free."
You tell Ignatius: "Why?"
Ignatius tells you: "no such luck with me my friend"
Ignatius tells you:
"are you kiding? financial aid is highly based on race"
You tell Ignatius: "Oh cause of the laws?"
Ignatius tells you: "yup"
You tell Ignatius: "Hmm"
You tell Ignatius:
"Well I'm not black :P I don't know about that stuff :p"
Ignatius tells you:
"its worse if the persons a native american too, tho i dont blame them
for helpin those poor folk out:D"
You tell Ignatius: "heh"
Ignatius tells you:
"i have a great deal of respect for native americans"
Ignatius tells you: "they didnt go down w/o a fight"
Ignatius tells you: "a proud group of peoples imo"
You tell Ignatius: "Yeah..."
Ignatius tells you:
"anyway, some people work tomorrow morning, we're not all on welfare
You tell Ignatius: "heh"
You tell Ignatius: "night bro"
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