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this site has been out of my control for quite some time now, but finally i have taken it back. a while back one of my girlfriend's friends put this together thinking it would generate some interest in braintango and maybe we'd find someone we wanted to have displayed as part of the project. i had completely forgotten about this... and i came back and it was fucking pink! i feel like braintango was represented in the wrong fashion and i only hope that hannibal fattress dies from the worst case of the clap ever. if any of you think you are friends with her, you are probably horribly mistaken. i will now be keeping track of this more closely and hopefully there will be some more decent shit up here. if not i'll probably just kill it. i like to see people sharing something worthwhile, and as long as thats going on it will stay here. i do reserve the right to remove things which i think are absolutely horrible examples of depressed teenage poetry and excessive references to poe. we want to see innovative stuff here.
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