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above the clouds in outer space resides a simple man
drifting through timespace without a light and all he can
think of is flowers. although the stars are quite pretty they
do not compare to the beauty of one flower, and everyday
he floats farther away, lost in memories.

turned to white angel race into the blur skin sweet
monochrome pushing away everything all my life they
point and stare with desperate glances as he falls down
trying to crush time rotating superstar imposter fears
i can't make them stop smooth m o m e n t e m o t i o n
slipping, can't move... searching for that ecstatic moment
lost so long ago, alone i adore her honey image of lust.
let me indulge, apparatus developer, just a little longer.
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this site has been out of my control for quite some time now, but finally i have taken it back. a while back one of my girlfriend's friends put this together thinking it would generate some interest in braintango and maybe we'd find someone we wanted to have displayed as part of the project. i had completely forgotten about this... and i came back and it was fucking pink! i feel like braintango was represented in the wrong fashion and i only hope that hannibal fattress dies from the worst case of the clap ever. if any of you think you are friends with her, you are probably horribly mistaken. i will now be keeping track of this more closely and hopefully there will be some more decent shit up here. if not i'll probably just kill it. i like to see people sharing something worthwhile, and as long as thats going on it will stay here. i do reserve the right to remove things which i think are absolutely horrible examples of depressed teenage poetry and excessive references to poe. we want to see innovative stuff here.


I just joined this comunity. im 21 years old and im into photography, drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, poetry ect.... basicaly anything that has to do with art i like. im focusing on my photography right now, I want to take classes but I just moved to nc and you have to be a resident (live here a year) to get the lower end of the prices. next fall i will be able to.
I just got a really nice camera for christmas its a SLR canon eos rebel 2000. the nices camera i have ever had before this was like a walmart speical costing around 30 bucks. my grandparents are extreamly nice ppl and got this one for christmas.

I just got my first roll of film back and i am very happy with the results. Im gonna try to scan the pictures tonight if anyone wants to see some of them email me your email at thejesicatheory@aol.com. im not good at posting pics on live journal or i would just post them here.

I want to start getting back into writing poems cause im pretty good (havent wrote a poem in about 4 years) but i havent found any good inspiration yet.

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head fashioned worries
sputtering of suicides announced over the intercom
threats of fog
from the interior of sleepiness tackle soft lips
spent some time recognizing your form nestled beneath the surface
blankets and pillowcases in the wash
wallet soaked with detergent
but money spent afterward anyway

lip cuts cankosores blisters chapped corrosive hungry piercing looks
the suburb winter
largely left to our own devices in
parking lot tradegy
but sympotomatic nonetheless and everything is symptomatic
of something good
and sweet
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demonicangelxemm: Goths are beautiful, sexual, sensual creatures and this is for those of you who love to see and us who love to show.
demonicangelxemm: *roll*
Sizzlin4Slipknot: i see...
demonicangelxemm: a human being is a motherfucking human being
demonicangelxemm: when you classify them humans look like meat
demonicangelxemm: no wonder hannibal started eating them
demonicangelxemm: hahahah
Sizzlin4Slipknot: hahaaa
Calvin sneeze


I took a walk
One summers eve
When there before my eyes
Within the local graveyard
The dead began to rise

They looked around
With vacant eyes
And walked a deadman's walk
Then with no explination
The dead began to talk

The things they said
I could not hear
I was to far away
But a few had flutes of bone
And they began to play

They gathered 'round
In twos and fours
And all began to dance
Spining 'round the graveyard
They danced the deadman's dance

I watched them dance
The whole night through
Then just before the dawn
They shuffled back to their graves
And all at once were gone

-Jim Stryker © 2001
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