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I just joined this comunity. im 21 years old and im into photography, drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, poetry ect.... basicaly anything that has to do with art i like. im focusing on my photography right now, I want to take classes but I just moved to nc and you have to be a resident (live here a year) to get the lower end of the prices. next fall i will be able to.
I just got a really nice camera for christmas its a SLR canon eos rebel 2000. the nices camera i have ever had before this was like a walmart speical costing around 30 bucks. my grandparents are extreamly nice ppl and got this one for christmas.

I just got my first roll of film back and i am very happy with the results. Im gonna try to scan the pictures tonight if anyone wants to see some of them email me your email at im not good at posting pics on live journal or i would just post them here.

I want to start getting back into writing poems cause im pretty good (havent wrote a poem in about 4 years) but i havent found any good inspiration yet.

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